Piece of art below and above.

When you’re experiencing the extremes may it be the highest or lowest point of emotion, you tend to be more creative in your piece of art. It may be a poem, painting, picture or even a song. I may not yet feel the most painful part of losing someone you admire but here’s what I came up when I was drown.

​​I was feeling lonely,
Until you came and made me happy.
I had doubts if those moments were true
I certainly don’t have a clue.

you said u were my prince and i’m your princess but why can’t you save me
in this damn situation where i feel pain
world full of pretensions, made me insane

Do you really feel the same way?
Why do you have to go away.
Do you hear what my h​​eart say?
Why does it have to be this way?
what are those sweet text messages at night
makes my whole body electrified
why do you keep on doing this to me?
what are we? what are we?

what are those special gifts you give
makes my heart melt
are you like that to every other girls?
what are we? what are we?

and then you said it
you like me, well i like you too
so what now?
does liking makes us new

i was thinking maybe i need to forget you
maybe i will let it all pass
i will not put meaning to everything
maybe i need to give it up

Part of me just wants to share this to everyone. I know I have completely moved on and accepted that some things are not really meant for us. Hard at first and you’ll question yourself if it’s you who have issues or was it that person? You’ll ask what seems to be so wrong when one time things were just sailing smoothly. In the end, things will be clear. If they were not meant to stay in your life forever, they will be gone someday. Some people we meet along the road hurts us, loves us, leaves us, stay behind us and they are the people who made what we are today and we have to thank them all in the end.


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