To see is to believe- my fairy guide

Earlier tonight, I went to the hospital to check my Aunt’s condition. She was admitted because of her tonsillitis. When I went inside the room, I saw Brother Mario, a family friend who is like a psychic that can feel, communicate and see spirits and other elemental forces. I am not a believer myself although I was about to when they told me things that somehow coincides on what’s happening in reality. I’m a “to see is to believe person”. Every time I see Brother Mario, I’m afraid that he might see negative forces surrounding me. I don’t know why but maybe because I question the existence of God as stated in the Bible and all the other things that has no proof including these forces.

During our conversation at the hospital, Brother Mario told my aunt who was suffering from her tonsilitis to open her mouth and show her teeth. My aunt obliged and then there he confirms that it was a vampire that guides my aunt and causes her illness. It was just a normal conversation in the family speaking these kind of things. When my uncle asked Brother Mario if I had a guide too, he told us yes, I have a guide and it’s a fairy. I’m shocked because I can’t imagine my spirit guide would be that cute. A fairy. When I went inside the office, I open my pc and searched for fairy guides. I read a couple of testimonials from people who believed were being guided by fairies and other elemental. According to one article, all you have to do is open your mind and let them in, for you to connect with them. When I was young, I always wanted to be like a fairy. I even asked my cousins whose really good in art to draw me pictures of a fairy on it’s beautiful wings. I even named my friendster account before as Lovelorn Enchantress. I like nature, especially jungle and forest. I want to be a fairy, and I always tell myself before that I am one. I have this certain connection with trees and plants. Does this explain that somehow my fairy spirit guide has an influence on me? Is he/ she or are they calling me even before and I just didn’t payed attention?

In my mind, I want to believe because I find it cool and amazing but still I’m in doubt for uncertain reasons. I know one day, I’ll get back on this article and on that day I’ll tell you and will let you know my observations or my belief. This is self discovery and soon I’ll let the world know.




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