To: Someone in the future

To whoever you are,


It has been 21 years and still I haven’t had the chance to see, not even a glimpse of you. Are you still coming? It’s not that I’m excited or desperate but it made me think about your existence. I just wanted to let you know that I have this huge feeling of wanting to see you now but I don’t think I’m ready yet to face the consequences of having you in my life. My heart is still full of people that I love and who loves me too. I know that if I let you in, that means I need to give you a big space of my heart. I am still fully responsible of my family and I don’t want to jeopardize my attention between you and them. If I meet you someday, I want myself to be ready for anything, face all the challenges with you and make the world see that we can make it. I want to love you like nothing else mattered but just you and me. When I see you someday, I want my eyes to set not only for you but for our future. And if I love you, I want my heart to be whole, love you with no hesitation, give you everything with no regrets, take chances and see the world in our own perspective. Simply, when I meet you someday… I just want to be me and I want you to accept me for who I am.


Yours Truly,

Your Girl in the Future


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