Changing themes for LIFE.

Recently, I reactivated my Facebook acct. and I happen to chat a few friends who I missed conversing with. I actually deleted/ deactivated my FB acct. again since I don’t find it amusing in anything. Am I becoming anti- social? Naaah. I don’t think so. Anyways, I was talking about this blog site in my FB status and someone got curious so I shared it. This is supposed to be a private crib however he’s a close pal so I gave the address to him. We were talking about our living ’til he shared that he has his own blog page too. He got me interested on posting about travel stuff. I’m kinda thinking of making this blog a sanctuary of my adventures and searches on the meaning of my life instead of posting sappy letters and thoughts. I want to start writing about the places I went to, the foods I have tasted and the goofy things I have done. As soon as possible, this blog will be a melodramatic place no more. My fingers are kicking in the keyboard already. I’m excited to share the things I’ve been doing last 2014. How I wish I posted it straight away. It’ll be a lil bit flashback though but I know people will find it helpful (wink).

Keep posted.


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