Every road is connected. Travel from Toledo to Busay.

Last year, my cousins and I planned on getting some fresh air and adventure somewhere in Busay. I didn’t have any idea that Toledo- Tabunok Rd. is somehow connected to any other place especially Busay coz all I know that somewhere those are dead ends caused by trees and mountains. I’m not making sense, I know. We had a convoy of motor bikes all the way from Toledo to Busay via shortcut. Had a few stops to take pictures and drown ourselves to the beauty of nature.

This is one of my 2014 highlights. And the pictures are not even complete, just posting some so you have a visualization on what it looks like. I can never forget the experience. I would love to share some tips on how to get there but believe me I don’t know where to start. My cousins were the only ones who can tell me which road to take since they’re more familiar with the shortcuts and all. They’re not around so I can’t give you some insights. However if any of you is interested on going to Tops and Busay (to buy some flowers, whatever) there’s a much accessible or convenient road to take.

* If you’re in city proper, you can ride taxi all the way to the top but it’ll cost you around 600php to a thousand and the driver’s admission too on the place.

* You can ride jeepneys like 17B, 17C, 04H from Fuente Osmeña to JY Square Lahug. From there you can ride motor bikes that cost 100 per person.

* But a much safer and hassle free way is to get a car. 🙂


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