Game of Words

I had been thinking lately on how I can write good stories or good blog posts in this site. I wanted to know how I can jumble up the words and create a maze craft. I always envy those good writers whose imagination and vocabulary so wide that they can express even the tiniest detail of what they feel towards writing. Every time I read something, may it be a book, news article or blogs, I can’t help but think how good the author is to condense his/her imagination on a single book or a paragraph. I managed a few attempts but it seems like I can’t get the right mixture of my own taste. How I wish I have super powers to play with words, know all of them that exist may it be a taboo, old language and modern terms. But I had a poor childhood knowledge, even if I used to read books when I was young, it isn’t enough to stock a lot of information in my head. I had a favorite quote from a notebook cover of my cousin. It says “the more you study, the more you’ll realize how little you know”. It’s really true, every time you learn something, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t knew that before and it will even lead you to gathering data out of that new information you’ve learned.

It’s quite amazing how people managed not to get tired of learning. Well aside from change as a constant thing in the world, people wants to discover new ideas to make life better and even easier. Researching and discovering are part of change. Change because your ideas before may not be the same as what you thought it was if you learn something new about specific idea or topic. Before, I thought of creating a blog to express whatever I have in mind but people are so judgmental on small things like grammar and typographical errors so I made a promise to myself that I’ll read more and continue to learn so I won’t create mistakes on each blog I publish. Then I realized that whatever you do, you can never please society. I guess that very same manner helps people strive more on whatever they do/ whatever we do. It’s a good motivation actually that we continue to learn, improve ourselves and continue making mistakes. This way we can attain the concept of perfection as we know it.

Photo from Google.

Photo from Google.


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