2 in 1. Dumaguete and Siquijor Adventure Part i

Some of us has a lot of travel experiences that needs to be put in a box and keep forever. Some has never been to any other place aside from their hometown. As a person whose never been outside the country, I want to seek an adventure in my own home. I know it is a paradise full of wonders according to ad posts, television commercials and word of mouth from my friends and colleagues but you can never mean that it is indeed a paradise unless you experience it yourself. So, I made a list of the places I want to visit. It’s quite easy to choose a location actually, you just pick a place and start looking for travel tips and guides on how you can get there. First on my list is Siquijor and the interesting thing is, you can never get to Siquijor unless you pass by Dumaguete. Isn’t it amazing, a 2 in 1 travel? Below is some guides on how you can get to Dumaguete from Cebu. I don’t mean to make this blog of mine a reference to travelling because I forget stuff especially the ins and outs of the place. However, my brain was able to retain some information so it’ll be of help to you guys!


* Make your way to Cebu South Bus Terminal. From there, ride a Ceres Bus bound to Liloan (south side). Travel time takes about 4 hrs. and fare price is Php 175.00

* The terminal in Liloan is called Puerto del Sur. You need to ride a ferry boat that will take you to Sibulan Terminal. Travel time is 25 mins. and fare price is Php 62.00

* From Sibulan, ride a motorcycle or a jeepney that’ll take you to Dumaguete City. Travel time is just 15 mins. and fare price is Php 10.00

* Another option would be riding a bus that’ll take you directly to Dumaguete. From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a Ceres Bus bound to Dumaguete. Travel time is 5 hrs. It’ll cost you more compared to the 1st option. 

There are still a lot of things you need to know when travelling to Dumaguete, but from Cebu these are the basic things you need to get there. In case you need some assistance, the locals are very much willing to help. Below is the gallery of my adventure with my bestfriend. We promised that we’ll only spend Php 1,500.00 each and we did it! It was purely fun though. We spent most of the money on fares and accommodation. When we get to Dumaguete City, it was already 8pm and the last trip of ferry boat that’ll take us to Siquijor is scheduled at 5 in the afternoon so we stayed for a while. We took pictures and had a few strolls in Colon St. (it’s like a mini Colon St. in Cebu and much cleaner) we also saw some coffee shops and resto-bars along the way. Then we stopped at BubblePop Tea and Desserts for some winter melon milk tea. We were exhausted and all we want to do is freshen up, lie down and rest. We saw a hotel near Silliman University. It was Hotel Camilla. We spent Php 600.00 on the overnight stay and got discounts since the hotel manager is from Cebu. Yay! The room is good and we were able to recharged. After breakfast, we made our way to Siquijor. Here are the pics.

Indeed it was an experience I will keep on my treasure box. I had fun even if all we did was stroll and sleep. I’ve been planning to go back there alone, there’s something about Dumaguete that makes you come back, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me because we were not able to spend much time there. Anyways, I know I’ll go back soon. Thanks for reading. You came across this site so I know you have plans on going there so… Happy trip!


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