Faded Memories

To that one person I couldn’t forget until today. Thanks for being an inspiration to my art. It’s been a while since I last wrote something like this. This is more like a song than a poem actually. You may never care or even heard about me but I don’t have any intentions of letting you know about this anyway. This is my secret sanctuary, no one knows everything I’ve been writing here but me so I guess I’m safe. All I want is to gather some words and put them in an aquarium where it can swim freely and I’ll watch them til I get tired. But, I’ll never get tired of picking words and add up to my collection. Until I’m alive, I’ll continue to write some songs for the heart. May it be mine or somebody else’s.  Here it goes.

Trapped memories in my head
slowly fading in time
I couldn’t recall the last image
of you in my mind

Was it when we kissed
under the rain one night
Or was it when you held my hand
and utter the words goodbye

Mixed dreams and real memories
like a faded photograph
That I took when I was happy and sad
Surreal feelings in my heart
like a nightmare becoming real
Help me forget, help me understand

Time and again I run through
I couldn’t count the times
when my mind speaks your name
Like a drug, my addiction

Am I still into you?
Or am I just inlove with love
I don’t know you anymore
Time took you away
so far away I couldn’t follow
there, it’s better you stay

I’ll let it fly and cut the string
I whisper you goodbye
Keep you in my unknown treasury
Like a faded memory

Thank you again F. I’ll be back soon. ♥♥♥


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