2 in 1. Dumaguete and Siquijor Adventure Part ii


So after recharging at Camilla HOTEL IN Dumaguete, Negros Oriental we made our way to Siquijor. Like what I have mentioned on my recent post, this place is 1st on my list. Siquijor a.k.a Island of Fire is known for its beautiful beaches, caves, waterfalls and butterfly sanctuary. Aside from that, this island is also known for its long time name as home of witches. It was then named as Island of Fire because when the Spaniards discovered the island during Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s expedition, they saw that it gave an uncanny glow due to swarm of fireflies.

So, it was already 10 A.M when we boarded the fast craft that’ll take us to Siquijor. Travel time is 2 hrs. and all we did was sight seeing even if all we saw was water in the ocean. When we arrived at the port, I couldn’t explain what I felt. I was scared because of the people’s hearsay about the island at the same time I am in awe of its beauty. I promised to myself that I’ll eat something while I’m in Siquijor to prove to myself that this place is safe and there’s nothing to worry about the witches putting poison in your food to make you one of them. And that’s the first thing I did, I went to the small carenderia and ordered squid. I ate it, it was delicious and thank goodness nothing happened to me. But I noticed something strange about the people, they always look straight in your eyes without blinking while speaking to them (or am I just paranoid?)

After eating we went to church, no one was around so we ushered ourselves in. We took pictures and had a few strolls around the port and the old church bell tower. Then we went to the famous balete fish spa which is for free. We didn’t stayed that long since we only had limited time left. We went back to the port and we saw Capilay Spring Park which is still for free. We went in and took pictures. It’s a natural spring made into pools and is open to public. Around the pools are kiosks and playground for kids. The place is quite and very calm. Maybe tourists and locals are afraid to shout and make noise in the area because of Siquijor’s reputation as place for witchcraft and wizardry (here I am again). Let me just share this, when we were on our way to Lazi (oldest balete/ fish spa) we saw an old woman without sleepers. She was with us in the jeep. There was nothing strange about her at first. She’s beside my bestfriend and I was in front of her. After a few minutes, I noticed that she keeps on staring at me and my bestfriend and right after she look at us, she utter some words I could not understand. Sometimes, she’s speaking but there’s no sound coming from her mouth. Since my bestfriend was sitting beside her, she noticed some strange things inside the old woman’s bag. Inside there was a small mason jar, inside the jar were stones, papers with some scribbles, a rosary, whistle, dried twigs and leaves. She looks spooky honestly but I don’t wanna put something bad about her and her things. We just got scared. It felt odd looking at her.

Anyways… here are some of my pics.

That’s it! Even if we only had a day to spend on this trip, I enjoyed so much. We only had 3 hrs in Siquijor so I never got the chance to tour the whole island. Definitely on my next visit, I’ll make sure to take pictures of its famous tourist spots. I hope you’ll enjoy your adventure too. Have a safe trip and GODSPEED.


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