April 16, 2015

So I guess this is all that I can do when I’m alone. And again I’m revisiting the most sensitive chamber in my heart and mind.

I vowed not to scan your pages anymore but,

here I am still failed to keep promises.

When will I come to my right senses.

When will I end the chapters sentences.

Without your thoughts my days are gray,

If letting you go is as easy as pie…

I will have it slay.

But no, you’re like a fossil in mind stuck for a thousand years,

A treasure so valuable of losing, it will bring fear.

I am at the same time a coward and a soldier,

Fighting against my own emotion of

letting you go or be a keeper.

I am too afraid to open my palm and let you fly,

Like a floating balloon in midsummer sky.

For the longest time, I’ve never seen you so happy like this

The glow in your eyes, blush on your face and smile on your lips

I know you have found your princess,

In your eyes she’s like a gift so priceless.

You sure have no idea how I wanted to bring you the same happiness,

You sure have no idea how I wanted to be her.

But I am just one hopeful maiden in town.

And whatever I do, I would never ever fit in the glass slipper.

Goodnight F.


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