Emotions I won’t tell… (LOST)

White summer starts to break
Pale sun shyly shines
Hot air touches my skin but I feel cold
Numb from last year’s season

I am one lifeless form
Alive but barely breathing
Truth is I’m a walking dead
I don’t know which way to go

Is being lost a good way to find oneself?
I can’t find myself, I’m losing it
Alone. I’m not one of them
Should I be sitting here?
Who are these people and who am I?

Therefore I conclude, I am lost
In a place where home is like seeing a distant star in daytime
I have no one but myself in an unknown direction
Where to? How to?
Am I searching so hard?
But what am I searching for?
Hand me the map of life, somebody please
Who am I again? And why am I writing this?


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