Emotions I won’t tell (I want to move on)

I believe there’s no way you will forget her. I know deep inside that feeling will not fade because you have high hopes that someday your roads will cross and by that time, all the images in your head will become real. Your dreams will come true under her arms. The kind of family you wanted, the kind of wife you want to have is her. I know that. I feel sorry for myself coz if that time comes, I’m not given the chance by fate to show you how much you mean to me. This project I’m working on is called Nirvana and it involves you. More of you. I can only hope that there’s a chance for me to prove myself to you. That I am worth it to love. I hope time will grant me that. I hope you can wait for me until I get there. But since you have no idea about this thought I guess I will move on. I will not assume that you also have something for me coz I know you don’t. I feel so much pain right now but I will be okay. I know it’ll be okay.


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