A letter with no direction

Dear Future BF,

Again, I’m in the middle of loneliness. For some reasons I feel that there’s lacking in my heart. Is it you? I don’t know. Whenever I feel so empty, I always ask.. Is it gonna be the same if you’re here? Will I ever feel so empty and cold at this moment? That still I don’t know. I keep everything to myself, none of my close friends knew that I’m feeling this way. Honestly, I need you. How can a person feel they needed someone they haven’t meet yet? I’m not sure with the answer. Maybe there’s a blind connection between us that when I needed someone I come to think of you. All of the questions I have in my mind is when. When can I see you? When can I hug you? When can I kiss you? When can we share our love? I don’t know, will that someday going to happen? I’m longing for the touch I haven’t felt yet, longing for that lips I haven’t tasted yet, longing for you love I haven’t personally experienced yet. I love you and I miss you. Please be here soon.

Your Future GF