This is the story of a girl whom she thought that all she believed in before was slowly becoming unreal. She glanced at the calendar and saw July 10, 2015. It’s been 2 years and few months since it happened and for her it was only a memory of pain and sorrow that she’s longing to forget. She was on her way of opening to the world again, time by time she was gaining confidence. It was sedate but sure. She entertained, meet new friends and slowly she allowed people to take a view through an empty space of her heart. Almost all of them filled it with new memories. Good ones.

Just as when she was about to go outside her shell, it was a matter of split seconds when someone, did the same thing to her. You couldn’t draw the horror in her face, but she remained calm and steady. She told herself she’s been there before and now she can handle it without going back to her comfort zone. Without going back to where she used to stay.

It’s like a snap and history repeats itself. She couldn’t imagine it was that easy. She tried so hard to remain strong, but that was all in her mind. The courage is all inside her head. Somehow her heart is still vulnerable. It needs its shell back. It needs its lock again. She will hide. She will go back to that same thought she believed in. For how long? She can’t tell.

“My heart needs its carapace again”

Thanks JJ.


Release the “kraken”

Heart beats fast. Spring of sweat. Stomach rumbling. Flatulence.

Sounds familiar? Yes. Signs of diarrhea. Has anyone of you experienced the sudden change of mood inside your belly? This may sound funny but unfortunately it happens to everyone. No exception.

I had this story during my childhood days when some of my classmates let the monster inside their butt experienced the outside world. Our teacher was having his discussion, we were all listening when *poop* what was that? We all inhale the most putrid smell ever existed. Smellsh*t. Everyone was looking at each other, eyes were investigating each and everyone then we found the culprit. Sitting silently on his chair, afraid to make a move, sweating like a river. He then hide his face under his palms without looking at us. We know it was like the end of the world for him but he already did it. Blame the food he ate that day, that was more than a traitor. Same incident happens every time and every year we see students passing around the corner with chocolatey squirts on their pants.

This does not happen only in schools, although it is really common on kids who does not know how to make control of the situation, adults also experienced same situation in public. It may be at work, street, in your favorite restaurant, library, bus stations etc.  When this happens, the only cure or remedy is to find the nearest comfort room and let it all out. If you don’t release the monster inside you, stomach rumbling will not ease. However if you happen to let it escape in public, then better find somewhere to hide. You can cover the “chocolatey monster” with your bag on your wait out. Disgusting and embarrassing.

If you’re a type of person whose kind of sensitive when it comes to food, then prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips I find helpful when things don’t get your way.

-Don’t eat in places you’re not familiar with and if you’re not sure what kind of food is served.

-Make sure you have some medicines in your bag when traveling.

-Enough minutes to call somebody when you needed a lift home. Uhmm. This does not sound good for the other party.

-Good nail polish. So when you cover your face with your palms, you still look gorgeous because of your nails. (Kidding!)

Next time you know what to do, you have to clench both your butt cheeks to prevent it from going out until you find a safe place. If you ruin it then charge it to experience then accept the embarrassment. There is no better way to put it. Good luck!