Left Hanging

I came across path with this man. I barely knew him, a couple of weeks maybe. Somehow he reminds me of someone from my past. It’s haunting me for that chapter is not yet close somehow. I’ve moved on and accepted what happened and what he did. I’m no longer in pain with that person, more like I am in pain for the action that has been done. Maybe part of me does not want to close its pages because it brings powerful feelings that helps me to write. It has its own sorcery that guides my heart and mind to complete an art. Going back to this person I just met, he makes me feel beautiful. I gained confidence and trust for myself. He gives courage, showed kindness and said the magic words or so I thought for he left me hanging just like what the first person did. I knew it’s coming and I already accepted everything before it happened. I am sure that nothing is wrong with me. I am convinced that it’s not my soul who has issues with this. It was them. It was them after all. There’s a little bit of sore in my heart, I’m still human anyways and I still have feelings. My mind wants to remember this through a poem.

How can I be so stupid?
I knew from the start.
How can you let it Cupid?
You stung my heart.

I was starting to open myself more
To the crowd I didn’t trust before
I am starting to explore
But you didn’t protect my core

I knew you’re like him
You are not sincere
But still I trusted
Even if I am in fear

And there it goes you left still
Despite of all my plea
My heart has its second fill
I’ll wait another forever ’til its free

Free to love again without terror
Free to enjoy life without pain
Free to know what life is about
Free to explore without feeling left out

Thank you still. I have learned a lot. I know each time I stumble and fall I am one step closer to the right person. Thanks for the pain for it gives me courage. Thanks for the memories for it gives me lesson that I can use in the next. The world is beautiful and I’m not gonna stop giving love until I find my perfect match. Good morning earthlings! xD




You introduced her to your family, friends and colleagues as your girlfriend.

How did you say it? I wanna know.

They know her background and how she grew up.

How did you tell them? I don’t know.

They think you are a perfect couple

You have each other in times of trouble

My world collapse, I tremble

Oh no! I want to hear it no more

Is she the girl? Is she the girl?

Is she the girl you’ll bring at the altar?

Look around, notice me

Im here all along loving you like fantasy

Is she the one? Is she the one?

Is she the one you’ll love forever?

Look around, notice me I am here loving you like crazy

If I knew where’s the door to your heart

I’ll go there taking no shortcuts

I’m willing to go for any adventures Just to be a part of the picture

But maybe you’re not really meant for me

I have to accept it and stop this insanity

You didn’t even know my name and how my life used to be

How much more loving me for eternity. 😥